Come and Join Us at Patos Lighthouse’s 122nd Birthday!

Patos Lighthouse, as we all know, is a lovely lady of a certain age…that is, specifically, she turns just 122 years old this year! Come and help us celebrate her wonderful years at a birthday party given just for her on Sunday, August 16th from around 12 to 2 Pm. Cake, lemonade and silly hats will abound!



Come and Join Us at Patos Lighthouse’s 122nd Birthday! — 4 Comments

  1. I’d love to come for the birthday party and I can do several days tour of duty- let’s discuss dates. What are the transportation arrangements for the party? Is the parks boat taking a group? what do you want me to bring? I have lots of plates and napkins and cups left over from Rachael’s grad party. Maybe I could go over sat. am for the work party and stay overnight for the party. Please let me know. Linda, I missed you on Lopez this last weekend. Madeline Renkens

    • Madeline, We are having difficulty with the party as two of State Parks boats are down. At this point the aim is to get a couple old Coast Guard guys who were stationed on Patos out to the island and a few other KOPLers to help them get to the Lighthouse. With just one small boat available, that’s going to be all we can get out there. We do have some who say they are coming in their private boats and there are always some visitors on the island so there will be a small celebration this year. We are always at the mercy of State Parks and we are thankful for them.
      BTW, good to hear from you and how is Rachael?

      • Just saw your reply. Thanks for getting back to me. Rachael has excelled. She received her hi sch diploma and her AA degree in June, successfully completing running start. She is attending Seattle university this fall. I’m thankful she won’t be that far away. She is studying environmental science. I met some of your Lopez keepers at the Orcas chamber events on Lopez last week. I’m looking for property on Lopez to build a cabin or a yurt. Will you please keep your eyes and ears open for me? What is your personal e mail? Thanks.Madeline

        • Madeline, It is so good to hear Rachael is doing so well, but I am certainly not surprised. Our Grandson did running start as well and has graduated from Evergreen State College.
          My personal email is: When we were looking for land on Lopez we used Windermere and our agent was Diane Pressenda. Give here a call and tell her your needs. I will keep eyes and ears open as well.
          Oh, by the way, the birthday party went well…only 6 people could go, but they were joined by Ham Radio guys and visitors. Two of the 6 people were old Coast Guard men who had been stationed on Patos, so they were our VIPs for sure.

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