Early Keepers

KOPL member Larry Myhre has been doing some research into the early history of Patos Island Light Station. Thanks Larry for all your hard work. Here is Larry’s report.

Early Keepers of Patos Island Light Station
by Larry Myhre
Name Dates of Service
Harry D. Mahler August 2, 1893 – July 1903
Albert A. Morgan August 15, 1903 – December 7, 1905
Edward Durgan December 8, 1905 – February 22, 1911
George L. Louholt February 23, 1911 to ???
Assistant Keepers:
Edward Durgan July 28, 1893 – June 5, 1894
Joseph Dunson June 5, 1894 – December 1, 1898
Gustaf Anderson December 1, 1898 – April 1, 1900
Albert A. Morgan April 1, 1900 – August 14, 1903
Edward Pfaff August 22, 1903 – March 15, 1906
Louis A. Pettersen March 16, 1906 – March 31, 1909
N. A. Clark April 1, 1909 – December 23, 1911
Daniel W. Clark December 24, 1911 – December 31, 1911
William H. Stark January 1, 1912 to ???


Salary: The initial salary was $700 per annum for the Keeper and $500 per annum for the Assistant Keeper. In March 1897 the salaries were increased to $800 and $600 respectively. These salaries remained in effect throughout the period of these dates of service.

Source: The information above was obtained from National Archives microfilm publication M1373, “Registers of Lighthouse Keepers, 1845-1912”. The registers show the name of the station as “Patos Island Fog Signal Station”.


1. The dates shown appear to be the dates the person was actually “on the job” at the station as shown in the payroll records. In some cases the “date of appointment” was somewhat before or after the dates shown here.

2. The registers are handwritten making them sometimes difficult to determine correct spelling of names. The most difficult of the names above is the spelling of Assistant Keeper Pfaff’s last name. The handwriting of the person who made the entry is very fancy and the first letter “P” and the second letter “f” are hard to discern. However, it looks more like “Pf” than anything else.

3. The first name of Assistant Keeper Daniel Clark could be incorrect. The register handwriting looks like “Danl”, but it could also be “Saul”. I have seen reference to a “Daniel Webster Clark” who served as Assistant Keeper at Semiahmoo Light in the 1930’s and had served earlier at Patos Island Light – very possibly the same person.

4. It is interesting to note that Keeper Morgan was promoted from the Assistant Keeper position. The other Keepers were transferred from other locations.