Summer 2008

Nick Teague, of the BLM, has secured funding for renovations to the Patos Island Lighthouse.The project will run from approximately May 15th until July 15th, 2008. The contract has been awarded to Tom Lantos Construction and will be headed by Bill White, project manager/carpenter.

Patos Island Lighthouse will receive a good cleaning, painting inside and out, new roof, windows, and doors, upper cupola refurbished, new gutters and rain spouts, and foundation work as well as chimney work. The new windows will be protected using heavy duty, thick lexan glass. This will allow folks to look inside, increase light into the building, and also deter vandalism.

The following pictures were taken in June 2008 during the renovations

  • Before Renovations - volunteer crew
Patos08 099 Patos08 098 Patos08 097 Patos08 096 Patos08 045 - Copy Patos08 040 - Copy Patos08 031 - Copy Patos08 030 - Copy Patos08 029 - Copy Patos08 028 - Copy Patos08 027 - Copy Patos08 023 - Copy Patos08 019 - Copy Patos08 017 - Copy Patos08 010 - Copy Patos08 301 Patos08 300.

Patos Lighthouse is ready for the next 100 years. We would like to thank Tom Lantos Construction for the beautiful job. Well Done!