Light on the Island: The New Commemorative Edition!

The book that started Keepers of the Patos Light non-profit! Helene Glidden’s wonderful account of her childhood spent on Patos Island is again back in print. A new commemorative edition of Light on the Island has just been published by Mike McClosky of San Juan Publishing Company.

Working diligently with members of KOPL, Mike was able to revise his 50th anniversary edition of Light on the Island and publish a brand new edition to honor the 125th birthday of the Patos Lighthouse. This edition features a facsimile of the 1951 original cover (front and back) and includes many more photographs and maps, many newly discovered since the book was last published.

Last but certainly not least, this new edition features what we have been calling “The Missing Chapter”! Deemed “too risque”, to include in the book when it was published in 1950, now, 68 years later, the book has finally been published in the form that Helene Glidden intended it to be.

The new “old” back cover

The new “old” front cover: a charming illustration of the Durgan Family by artist, Cliff Roberts

An example of the newly discovered historical photographs included in the new edition

The cost of this new edition is $25.00, plus $2.50 postage for the first copy, and $1.00 for each additional copy sent at the same time.

Send orders to: KOPL, PO Box 1967, Eastsound, 98245


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  1. Hello,
    We just visited the light house on our sailboat and had the most wonderful tour and visit with docent Paul and his buddies Jay and Ken. It was our first visit and now we are fans. I so enjoyed reading ‘the Light on the Island’ while tied to the mooring buoy, My husband and I would like to join KOPL and buy 4 more copies of the special addition to share with my sisters. It looks like I should mail a check, or if there is a way to do it online, please let us know.

    • Thanks! Yes, our docents are wonderful. I will forward your request for 4 more copies of Light on the Island to the person who can mail them to you,, and give her your email address as well. Our mailing address is: KOPL, PO Box 1967, Eastsound, WA 98245 OUr email is:

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