Ok, Here’s the Upcoming 2020 Work Party Information!

Our fearless leader, Sandy Evans, has set up the Patos Island work-party schedule for the upcoming 2020 season. So here it is:

Greetings, fellow lovers of our little island in the north!

Here is the schedule for this year’s maintenance work parties: our April, Earth Day overnight, will be on April 23rd/24th.

and, the rest of days will be May 28th, June 25th, July 23rd, August 27th and September 24th.

As a reminder, I have attached our workparty information sheet. If you have any questions, please ask.

Email: evans.sandy@frontier.com

Keepers of the Patos Light Work Party Sheet:

Volunteer information

Volunteers, you need to know the following: You must be a KOPL member to go – https://keepersofthepatoslight.org/ or, pay through PayPal or, mail a check to: KOPL, PO Box 1967, Orcas Island, WA 98245

You will need a PFD (personal flotation device) to ride in the WSParks boat.

Let me know if you don’t have one and I will bring you one.

What to wear:

Appropriate for the weather, sometimes rain gear is needed


Bring gloves and your favorite hand tool

If you have a backpack first aid kit, bring it.

Please bring a lunch, snacks and plenty of water to drink. Dress appropriately for the weather and for working. If it is rainy, bring rain gear. Long pants and long sleeves will help you avoid scratches (Patos does house some pretty wicked Nootka roses and of course, blackberries) and sturdy shoes will help with footing on rocks or stepping over logs (uneven footing in general).

We like to buddy up so that should we have any problems we have help.

Some things to observe:

Safety is our number one concern. Having fun is number two, and getting the work done is number three. We (mostly) are volunteers and can take a break as needed. Likewise, let me know anything I need to know to keep you safe.

Do take breaks and hydrate often.

Be ever mindful of your work area and who and what is around you and above you. Try to keep your distance from each other, especially if swinging a tool and just as a general rule.

Please carry your tools at your side (sharp edge away from you); we do not shoulder them, ever.

If we come upon someone or someone comes up to us (work party or visitor) wanting to get by, we try to stop working and our power tools, step aside and let them pass.

There are preferred ways of doing certain things (like removing limbs) so if someone asks you to do something differently, there may be a good reason.

We will go over specific tool safety and other details when we reach the island and we will all be watching over each other anyway.

We usually meet at the lighthouse at noon for lunch (and tours, if someone has a key).

We usually finish around 2:30 – 3:30 PM (depending on tides) and are back in time for those going to Anacortes can make the 5:15 ferry, the ferry for Lopez leaves at 6:45 (spring) 6:20 (summer)

Questions? Email: evans.sandy@frontier.com

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