More On the Orcas Museum Exhibit @ Rosario

From our President, Edrie Vinson:

The Orcas Island Historical Museum voted to have their Christmas display at Rosario on the Patos Lighthouse. They will use the photos I borrowed from many of you for the Washington Rural Heritage project. They are asking us if we have lighthouse ornaments to use on the tree as well. Bill, I will loan them the items you gave me this spring, and they will let us put out our brochures so we may get some new members as a result of the publicity.

Each year the nonprofits get a space and put up their tree. Viewers can vote on their favorites, each “vote” costing $1. One year our co-treasurer, Maggie Vinson, was responsible for putting up the tree, and another year, Terri Vinson, our secretary had the exhibit on Orcas Voices, the oral history project she directed. Carol Kulminski is in charge of this year’s exhibit for the museum. If you have anything to offer, let me know.

If you get to Rosario this holiday season, vote for Patos! I will do my best to get photos for you of the Patos Christmas tree!

Photo from 1950’s – with quarters for US Coast Guard attendants

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