Reports From A Small Island! Birthday Party a Grand Success!

Here are emails from our honored guests at the Birthday Party: Denise Wilk, Cake Maker Supreme and “Patos” Bill LaVergne, US Coast Guard, Patos Island, 1952-1954
Hi Denise and Patos Friends.
My dear Denise…….
What a great friend you are to me….What a great day we had due to you and what a wonderful birthday carrot cake you made…..Every one loved it ….and it really made my day special….Sorry not all of you made it out for the party….You really missed having some of Denis’s great cake…And I missed seeing and visiting with you…..
All of you worked so hard getting me to and from the lighthouse in the wheelchair…..Oh How Thankful am I for that….Jon( ham operator) who came to help was a great one also.
My friend Joe and I got back to Tacoma at 9PM. The day started at 5AM so sleep came early….
My friend Joe gave a $100.00 gift to the lighthouse fund I hear….Thank you Joe. If it were not for him I would never get up from Tacoma for the party. I hope we send him a thank you note.
Well Denise my friend again thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great party day….
” Thanks for the MEMORIES”
Patos Bill
On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 8:54 AM, Denise Wilk <> wrote:

Dear Keepers of the Patos Light and island care takers,
Thank you all for the logistic coordination on our behalf. The group was able to give $80 to parks. Patos Bill was able to see his beloved Island and Lighthouse once again. An annual bucket list for sure.
We did have our ham operators and some boaters come out for celebration and cake time. It was low key and we really missed all of you. Erin and Lisa’s Husband did a fly over and we tried to make the Patos by using our hands and legs. That must look funny. Hope to get a photo. Thank you again for making it all happen.
I put the chair back in the sign spot around the corner. It was a perfect day and we did get a bit of a workout getting up there. Thank goodness for “Jean” the Ham man and P.Bills friend Joe from Los Angeles, for helping us get Bill up the hill.
I hope next year we can all be together again. The island looks so pristine and organized.We did have a few honor sales from the store.  Lisa and her Dad, did grab the totes for Parvin. All is well. I did have cakes galore, so I will take some into work today. Take care and thanks again, Sincerely, Denise Wilk

This wonderful picture was taken in a flyover by Tom DiGiorgio, by Erin Corra

This wonderful picture was taken in a flyover by Tom DiGiorgio, by Erin Corra

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